R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce – Follow Me

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Another Cool Rap Beat by Dr. Duce

Need a beat with a nice upbeat vibe to help kickstart your next mainstream production? Then Follow Me will be perfect for you. This instrumental can work for either an R&B vocalist or a rapper looking for cool rap beats. The pulse is nice and strong and there is enough going on rhythmically to support a great vocal performance. This is the kind of track you will hear in the mainstream charts, so if you are writing an album or looking to release a single that’s gonna have that mass appeal, then Follow Me will be the ideal instrumental for you.

Beat Production Breakdown

cool rap beatsThe production itself is arranged in such a way to give lots of space for your vocals. Dynamically it really works too as there are distinct sections in terms of the structure which helps determine separation from the verses and choruses. The overall energy of the track is definitely on the up beat and rhythmically this track really bangs. I can definitely see this track also working in a big TV or film production scene. So for those Music Supervisors out there wanting something special for that great scene then look no further. All of the rhythm elements such as bass, drums and percussion are taken from the Body Blows Drum Kits sample pack which you can get your hands on for free right here.

Listen to The Beat

cool rap beatsYou can also check out the full version of this instrumental along with my other cool rap beats by clicking the YouTube link up top. But make sure you grab yourself a high quality professionally mixed and mastered copy of this great instrumental. Available as both high quality WAV file or MP3 format you can download this right now and it’ll be in your inbox in seconds.

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