R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce: ‘Yo! Listen!’

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Rap Instrumental by Dr Duce

Yo! Listen! is the new rap instrumental by Dr. Duce. This rap beat is the perfect solution for your new lyrical masterpiece whether you are a mainstream hip-hop artist or underground rapper looking for a trap style beat. It has R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duceall the elements required including a crazy drum track with all of the draw drum samples taken from the amazing Body Blows Drum Kits sample pack. The 808 basses are also from the same pack and the whole thing is glued together with some great pads and other elements for which Dr Duce is famous. The track bounces at 95 beats per minute and generates the kind of energy that will allow you to write those crazy rhymes and punchlines.

Perfect Mixtape Rap Beat

Rather than just a simple eight bar loop which runs forever, this production has lots of dynamic movement in that the sections create space for you to build up and drop down in terms of tension and release. This rap instrumental will be perfect for your next mixtape, upcoming album or even as a single. For those music supervisors out there, if you need a banging track for the next big TV production or film you’re working on, make sure you check out this track by listening to it on the link above which connects to the YouTube video. And why not grab a copy right now by clicking the link below?

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Before you move on you might as well check out some of my other rap instrumentals as well as my R&B beats all professionally mixed and mastered to the very highest standards. These productions come to you in both high quality Wave file format as well as MP3. Licensing terms are very flexible which you can find right here. I’m delighted you’ve taken the time to check out this page but make sure you don’t leave without at least looking at some of the other great productions I’ve got in my beats store.

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R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce

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