R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce: In da Trunk!

By doctorduce on Apr 18, 2017 in R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals - 0 Comments

A New Beat for Rappers

In da trunk is another well crafted Hip-Hop/R&B instrumental containing elements from both worlds. This beat will be perfect for any rapper wanting to create something special and meaningful. The sR&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr Duceounds and musical elements used to produce this track will help with creating a picture and that will engage your listener straight away. Charging ahead at a banging 93 BPM this rap instrumental delivers crazy energy with great vocal harmonies and a sick drumbeat using elements from the Body Blows Drum Kits sample pack.

Structure of this Rap Instrumental

The musical arrangement has a lot of movement and incorporates real musicianship in terms of chord progression and a cool melodic bass line. And as you may well know I’m not just a producer but also an experienced bass player and keyboardist. As a result you will hear these skills demonstrated really well in this production and I’m sure this will only add that extra spice to your new project. The track itself is arranged in a manner that will allow you to create tension and release over time so you are able to build your verses and choruses and create drama for your listener.

A Rap Instrumental That’s Perfect for You!

Whether you are intending to use this track on your next mixtape, album or even as a single the track will stand up really well as a foundation for your writing and vocal delivery. If however you are a music supervisor and you need something with great energy for a key scene in your next TV or film production make sure you grab your download right now by clicking the link above.

High Quality Mix and Master

Just like all of my R&B beats and rap instrumentals this track has been professionally mixed and mastered to the highest quality. You can therefore take advantage of high resolution WAV file or MP3 format, whichever you prefer. Grab these right now and I will arrive in your inbox within seconds. Licensing of course is very flexible and you can find out more by clicking the link here. Of course before you leave make sure you check out some more of my awesome beats and instrumentals by hopping over to the main list.

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