R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce: Another Chance

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R&B Beats by a Real Musician

When it comes to R&B beats you’ve really got to take some time to check out my production catalogue. I’ve been involved in producing R&B for very many years and the fact that I am an actual musician, you will find at the heart of my R&B instrumentals there is something different. You see the emotion and vibe that comes from being able to play real musical instruments and think as a member of a band really makes a difference from the person who is great at simply programming beatson their computer but has no instrument playing skills or experience.

The Make-up of This R&B Beat

R&B Beats by Dr. DuceAnother Chance is one such track that I’m very proud of which represent my love for creating R&B beats, albeit in a modern guise. In this track you will find a beautiful pallet of sounds which includes melodic piano riffs, solid bass lines and a dope drum track. All of the drum sounds are taken from the awesome Body Blows Drum Kits sample pack which you can get right here.

An R&B Beat Perfect for Your Project!

This track is definitely one for the songwriter who is serious about creating another masterpiece. It’s perfect either as a single or as an album track. So if you are a gifted songwriter and or vocalist I’m sure you will take pleasure in creating something that will resonate with your listeners, whilst being supported by an awesome instrumental. As with all of my R&B beats and rap instrumentals I ensure that they are mixed and mastered to the very highest level and they come to you in both WAV and MP3 format. You can download your copy right now by clicking the link above and have your selection delivered to you in second. You can also check out the full version of the track using the YouTube link above. Make sure you check out more of the R&B beats and hip-hop instrumentals on my catalogue as I’m sure you will find something else that will fit your project.

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Learn Beat Making Techniques

As a producer and lecturer of music technology I am always willing to share my knowledge and experience with you. So if you are yourself a budding producer or a seasoned professional and want to learn more about making beats, recording techniques or developing music production skills, particularly in Logic Pro X make sure you check out my other website www.MusicTechtraining.com. Also subscribe to my associated YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/musictechtrainingcentre. Here you will find lots of information and tutorial videos on my beat making and sound recording techniques. Thanks so much for dropping by and make sure you stay in touch.

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