R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce: 3 Little Birds

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R&B Beats and Rap Instrumentals by Dr. Duce - 3 Little Birds

R&B Instrumental – 3 Little Birds by Dr. Duce

This new addition to the awesome collection of R&B beats and Rap instrumentals by Dr. Duce is entitled – ‘3 Little Birds’  and is a track inspired by the legendary I Threes trio namely  Marcia Griffiths, Rita Marley, and Judy Mowatt who supported the great Robert Nesta Marley on numerous recordings and live performances. They were his three little birds who he mentioned in the lyric of the song Don’t Worry Bout a Thing.

Structure of the Beat

The instrumental itself has a smooth, emotional R&B vibe about it which is perfect for a singer, songwriter wanting to create something that is both lyrically and melodically deep and moving. The arrangement lends itself to a versus, pre-chorus and chorus structure with each section giving enough room for the vocalist to really push home the message.

Instrumentation of the Beat

In terms of instrumentation I’ve created the work to be quite sparse and free of too many instruments as I often to with many of my R&B Beats. There is enough room to weave the melody through the spaces and create a smooth interplay with the musical elements included in the instrumental. The track tempo is 132 bpm but played at half time which is perfect for an emotional, R&B ballad. The rhythm section creates enough pulse for you to bob your head and yet feel the vibes from all of the key elements at the same time.

Download R&B Beats Now!

Although I appreciate most styles of music I am very much an R&B head and have been for a very long time. This is the music that moves me and speaks to me so I hope it does the same for you and creates a platform on which you can come up with a lyric and melody that really works. You can download the instrumental in high quality MP3 or high-quality wave file format. Grab the beat and use it to write, record and release it as part of your mixtape, EP, album, or as a single. You can also use the instrumental as part of your life performance or in a music video. Just remember to abide by the licensing terms as stated on the page right here and

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